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Our diary is only open 2 months at a time, which means newer clients can only book for the dates our diary is currently open, whereas all NAF! Club members will be able to book up to 4 months in advance.









Back In 2019 we decided to make a change to our diary and only open it one month at a time. This was following lots of feedback from our regular clients who were struggling to get booked in to our jam-packed diary, due to appointments being booked out months in advance.


From this, we then created the members only NAF! Club to reward our amazing & loyal clients. As a member of NAF! Club, you are able to book an appointment up to 4 months in advance!! This lil’ scheme meant that our regulars were now able to book in at their preferred time with their fave nail techs without worrying that they would have to go elsewhere (+ everyone got a cute pink keyring!).


In order to ensure our members always get the appointments they want, we have a limited number of spaces available in NAF! Club. We reassess our members every 6 months and open up any available spaces to new members & coming in to 2023, we've got some spaces up for grabs! Find out how to apply below 🙌🏼

NAF Club members will receive the following privileges

  • The ability to book appointments up to 4 months in advance (non - club members can only book 6- 8 weeks in advance)

  • Use of our secret email address for advance bookings

  • Guaranteed preferred member of staff & appointment time*

  • No need to pay deposits**

How to become a member

You can apply to be a member of the NAF! Club as of Mon 9th Jan 2023 (YAY!). We only have 20 spaces available and the allocations will be given on a first come first serve basis, providing you meet the following criteria:

  • Have had 5 consecutive appointments since July 2022

  • No late cancellations

  • No no-show appointments

How to Apply:


  • Email on  Mon 9th Jan 2023 from 10am with a few words on why you want to join.

  • Applications will close on Thurs 12th Jan 2023 at 5pm.

  • All emails will be read and replied to by Wed 18th Jan 2023

  • Any emails sent before 10am Monday 9th Jan or after 5pm Fri 14th Jan will be disregarded.

  • Nails and Face Ltd. reserves the right to decline any application they feel has not met the necessary conditions.



T’s & C’s

  • *Staff members and appointment times can only be guaranteed if they do not clash with another club members preferred times & staff

  • *Educators cannot be guaranteed as they may have NAF! School commitments 

  • **Deposits are still required for group bookings and booking fee is still taken by our website

  • Appointments may be subject to change if staff members are off and suddenly unable to work due to illness or on holiday

  • Privileges are only guaranteed when booked through the given email address (deposits are still taken by our online booking system)

  • The private email must not be shared to any non-member

  • A "No Show" appointment with no prior contact will result in a loss of privileges

  • Membership can be resumed after 3 consecutive appointments with no late cancellations after a "No Show"

  • Loyalty cards may still be used in conjunction with this scheme

  • Member appointments may not be transferred to non-club members, a separate booking must be made.

  • It is at the discretion of Nails and Face Ltd. To refuse or remove any participants at any given time

  • Nails and Face Ltd may amend the privileges in this scheme at any time. All members will be notified of any changes prior to their commencement

  • Nails and Face Ltd. Reserve the right to terminate this arrangement at any time without giving any prior notice

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