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Dogs in the salon

We’re so excited that your furry friends are finally able to join you again for your appointment. In order to keep things running smoothly, we’ve come up with a few house rules: 


  • Your dog should be kept on a lead and by your side at all times

  • 3 Bark Rule – if your dog barks more than 3 times in a row, we will politely ask you not to bring them to your next appointment 

  • Your dog should not be aggressive/nervous towards other dogs or people – the salon is always busy and at times can be an overwhelming place for a pooch which in turn, may cause them to act out of character. If this environment doesn’t sound ideal for your pup, please don’t bring them in

  • If your dog has an accident, please clean it up – your dog is your responsibility 

We’ve added a button to our consultation forms so you can let us know if you’re bringing your fur baby with you ahead of your appointment, we can’t wait to boop some noses 🐾

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